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As children, we have swallowed the famous Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck comics with a lot of fun and joy. Many of us have collected the comic books and are still keeping them. Some collections are real treasures and have now a considerable value.

Superheroes, like Spiderman, Superman or Batman have been had been made into many films and are still attracting many visitors to the cinemas.

The current period is strongly influenced by Japanese comics, the mangas, which can be bought in any newsagency. Whether young or old, Mangas fascinate millions of readers worldwide, but most of the readers of these small works of art can still be found in Japan. Children TV series like Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball lure girls and boys at the TV-screens and cause a real collect fever of the coveted comic books and collect cards, which can be exchanged with other classmates.

When did you read your last comic?

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