Most Valuable Comic Books Worldwide

If you were born anytime after the late 30’s, you might remember the birth of superhero comic books. And, if you were a fan, you might also remember the thrill that came with every new issue and every new adventure you encountered. While these heroes have fueled excitement in children ever since, there may be reason for you to be excited too if you still have some of these original comics, as some are now fetching well over a million dollars! So scour your closets, raid your attics, and plunder those old boxes in the garage as we take a look at some of the most expensive comics in the world today.

10. Captain America Comics #1- Released in March of 1941, this was the original comic book in which Captain America first appeared. The issue nearly sold 1 million copies because it features Captain America punching Adolf Hitler in the face.

9. Flash Comics #1- Published in 1940, this issue was o­nly released in small numbers as part of a promotional effort, and its name was unique, as issue 2 in the series was renamed Whiz Comics.

8. Amazing Fantasy #15- Released in 1962 and featuring the first appearance of Spider Man, this Stan Lee comic quickly spawned a whole new series: The Amazing Spider-Man.

7. Batman #1- Although not the first comic to ever feature Batman, this 1940 release was the first comic dedicated to him, and the first to feature Robin.

6. Detective Comics #1- An anthology comic, this series would later go o­n to feature Batman and Superman. This particular issue was released in 1937.

5. All-American Comics #16- The Green Lantern made his first appearance in this comic dated July 1940.

4. Marvel Comics #1- The birth of the hugely successful Marvel franchise, this first issue was published in 1939.

3. Superman #1- The first comic book dedicated to a single hero, this 1939 Superman comic o­nly cost 10 cents at its release.

2. Detective Comics #27- Batman’s first ever appearance in 1939 came in the 27th issue of Detective Comics. Batman was created to be a darker, more vengeful hero, and even watched a bad guy plunge into a vat of acid in this first release.

1. Action Comics #1- The first true appearance of Superman. This comics release in 1938 is often cited as starting the gold age of comic books, and introduced the man of steel to the world.

The birth of the superhero archetype has indeed spawned a whole new industry all its own, from action figures and movies to television, with some superheroes even becoming some of the most recognizable names and faces worldwide. But none of it would have ever happened without these and other classic comic books.