Possible Production Errors

There are many steps involved in publishing a comic. The design process is first and includes all creative concepts. This includes more than simply drawing, writing, and coloring the cells. It also includes obtaining any copyrights There are many individual steps that need to be completed in order for the artistry to be complete. Next, the manufacturing process will finish off the comic.

Since so many people contribute to o­ne comic and there are so many steps involved in the creation of it, there are many different things that could go wrong or mistakes that could be made during the process. For example, the person who draws the pictures could have a specific color scheme in mind that whoever colors them does not follow. Also, o­nce the comic is written, it needs to be decided what boxes and text should be placed o­n each page and in what order. It's not too difficult to miscalculate what will fit o­n a page. this could result in too much space at the end of a page or an important piece of information left off. The chances of this are increased since most comic books have a certain amount of space or a set number of pages that it cannot go above. As with any publication that includes words, there is also the rare chance that something will be misspelled or incorrect grammatically.

Most errors made during the production of a comic are caught before there is too much damage or time wasted o­n fixing it. Sometimes however, the error is at the end of the process and there is nothing that can be done about it. Creativity from the artists can sometimes cover up the fact that the error existed and it can be incorporated into the life of the comic.